ZARIMI Compressed air Duster


  • Compressed air duster – Eco-Friendly & Energy-Efficient: Alternative to canned air Compressed Air can be recharged and used repeatedly. It is more energy-efficient and environmentally than constantly buying canned air, saving money, cordless air dusters electric is a one-time investment, you can have a permanent air duster electric.
  • Keyboard cleaner – Powerful deep cleaning: The wind power of the Cordless air duster Blowing force of 1.86-2.51OZ .continuously provide high-pressure air to remove dust, and Can produce super-strong airflow. Cleans debris and dust from any electronic device, handy in your home or office, or car.
  • Compressed air – Multi-use in lots of places: Electric air blower can clean computer keyboard, laptop, camera, cleaning car, seat, and blinds, etc.Thin and long nozzle makes it easier to clean corners or place where the hand cannot reach. Air dusters can even be used in products that need to be inflated, inflatable beds, lifeboats, etc.
  • Compressed air duster – Various brush head nozzles:Cordless air duster electric nozzle is Light weight and small size, design and comfortable to hold and space saving, convenient to carry around. Different cleaning sites, replace the appropriate, with strong wind, cleaning is easier, and can be used multiple times.
  • Air duster – USB charging design:Compressed air dusters battery protection design, Do not charge when the machine just finished using, the battery temperature is too high, please wait ten minutes to cool down before charging. Compressed air dusters High-end simple new design, high technical configuration, with charging cable for use.If you have any questions about the use of the product, please contact us, we will solve it for you within 24 hours.


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