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  • Ancient Method of Health Care: Experience ancient Chinese health care methods. This bian stone Gua Sha tool is designed to improve the overall health of your body, improve microcirculation in the blood vessels of the face, and increase the flow of blood, lymph, and body fluids. Relieve your stress and make you look younger, feel energized, and healthy.
  • Natural Material: Our Gua Sha facial tool is made of 100% natural high-quality bian stone, which contains a variety of minerals that are beneficial for skin beauty and body health. Long lasting and super easy to maintain. Because it is a stone material, it is easier to break, so we have a special exquisite protective cover as a gift.
  • A Variety of Functions: This Gua Sha stone can be used as a facial scraper, a facial contouring tool, a facial shaper, and a facial reflexology tool, and can also be used for hand, thigh, calf, shoulder, and back scraping to help you stay away from puffiness and muscle pain.
  • Unique Design: These gua sha scraping tools have 3 different edges, the toothed edges can better stimulate our skin to absorb essential oils and expel waste and excess water from the body. Carefully polished edges won’t harm any of our parts and you can use them with confidence. This stone massage tool is also very compact, you can take it anywhere to enjoy a massage at any time, remember to put it in the protective bag we give away when not in use.
  • It Would Be a Nice Gift: This Bian stone gua sha tool is beautifully packaged and feels very comfortable. It can be used as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift, etc., to your relatives, friends, or maybe you can also buy such a gift for yourself!
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Many people know about scraping, but not everyone is suitable for scraping:

  • Suffering from skin diseases such as skin ulcers, because scraping requires scraping the surface of the skin, if there are ulcers, it is easy to rupture and become infected, aggravating the condition.T
  • here is a trauma to the area that needs to be scraped: Such as arm contusion, broken back skin or broken leg, etc.P
  • regnant women: Especially the abdomen, lumbosacral and other parts should not be scraped.P
  • atients with heart failure, renal failure, ascites due to cirrhosis or severe systemic edema: These people may cause more harm to the body by scraping.

The correct way to scrape the face:

Step #1: Prep your skin

The first step in any skincare routine has to be cleansing. This helps in getting rid of dirt, oil and impurities that clog the pores and cause breakouts. Once done cleansing, apply toner to balance the pH level of your skin and slather on a serum and moisturiser.

Step #2: Apply facial oil

Once the moisturiser has fully absorbed, take about two to three pumps of the Phyto Replenishing Oil and rub it in between your palms. This will heat up the product a bit, allowing it to penetrate better. Gently pat the oil into your skin and neck (avoid rubbing) before moving onto the next step.

Step #3: Time to use the gua sha tool

Grab your gua sha stone and hold it at a 45-degree angle against your jawline and gently drag it from the jawline up towards your ear. Repeat this seven to eight times, and then bring the gua sha tool back to your jawline and swipe it down your neck. After your jawline, repeat the same from your cheekbones to your ear and above your eyebrows towards the hairline.

Repeat this entire process at least once a week and watch your skin transform.


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