DIY Levitation Electronic Kit,


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  • 【DIY Soldering Kit】The ultrasonic suspension standing wave controller DIY electronics-making kit is suitable for DIY electronics enthusiasts, and can also be used as a school education practice kit, the soldering practice kit is both fun and can exercise hands-on ability.
  • 【24h Suspension Stability】The suspended foam ball is stable, with the ultrasonic probe, it can still be suspended when lying down and can be suspended for a long time. The suspension is stable for 24 hours, and the main board is slightly hot.
  • 【Practice Soldering Skill】It requires basic soldering skills, all accessories are checked before the kit is assembled, and the locations of the components have been marked on the board for easy assembly. You could download PDF user manual on the Amazon page “Product guides and documents”, no need to worry about how to use it.
  • 【Parent-child Time】You could enjoy the soldering process with your son, daughter. After finish the soldering, use tweezers to clamp the included foam ball to the kit and witness this wonderful magic moment together.
  • 【LED indicator】Power indicator and ultrasonic suspension indicator display. The output voltage DC voltage is 12V, and the output current is less than 70mA.


Assembly Instructions:

It is recommended that you would better to read the product assembly instructions before soldering,that will help to improve the success rate and efficiency of assembly.

We have uploaded a PDF user manual on the Amazon page “Product guides and documents“, you could download it directly, and if you have any other questions about product assembly, please let us know!

  • Install the 2pcs ultrasonic sensor at T, note that the small black circle pin of the sensor corresponds to T+.
  • Then install 2pcs M2*5 copper pillars and 2pcs M2*12+3 copper pillars, paying attention to the installation direction.
  • Connect the P2 board and the P1 board through 2 M2*12+3 copper posts.

Working Principle:

Ultrasonic standing wave suspension is that there is a certain distance between the ultrasonic transmitting end and the reflecting end (or another transmitting end) (called the resonant cavity distance), and the transmitted wave and the reflected wave (or another acoustic wave) are continuously superimposed to form a standing wave.The acoustic wave force on the object at the standing wave node overcomes the effect of gravity and finally achieves the effect of suspension.


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